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I’m frustrated


i posted 2 photos one is at 555 and the other is at 302 I asked for more image duels for both of them but nothing has happened. they have remained as they were the whole day.They are not paused. What is happening.?
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  • Jasenka (Official Rep) July 15, 2017 18:50
    Hello Mickey, please check how Pixoto works here:

    Specifically this part:

    My photo is not paused but isn't getting any more duels. Why?

    The ultimate number of votes that an image gets is dependent on its early dueling history. The more early wins an image has the higher its ImageScore will go and the more duels it will ultimately receive. The highest rated unpaused images on the site will end up with four times (or more) duels than the lowest. After the first 50 duels or so the change in ImageScore with each additional duel slows down. Essentially the first 50 or so duels define the approximate area of the leaderboard an image should be and the remaining duels refine that placement. We are primarily focused on refining the scores of the top image – which is the reason for the disproportionate number of duels to those types of images.

    Our algorithms try to get new images up to the same level of votes as other images on the site as fast as possible. Sometimes this takes just a day – sometimes it can take a week. After an image reaches the same level of votes as other images with a similar ImageScore the image will only rarely be put in new duels.

    I hope this helps.
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