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I’m angry, sad, confused, and frustrated

Frustrated with the Novice category!!!!

I have a picture that is spot #32 in the Novice category, but someone else has a picture that is in spot #37 & they received an award today, but I have YET TO BE RECOGNIZED! Can you please tell me why that is?? I think it VERY unfair that when you get "lucky" with ONE picture in ONE category, but are still very much a NOVICE, that all of a sudden you are thrown in with CLEARLY PROFESSIONALS! I have only had my Nikon 5200 for literally less than 3 months and have had NO PROFESSIONAL training whatsoever, soooooo wouldn't that be what the NOVICE CATEGORY is for??? I think the rules on the NOVICE CATEGORY are waaaaay off base. PLEASE fix this problem and realize that is is very discouraging for us who are TRULY NOVICES! I didn't realize that was the way it would be or I would have never entered anything @ this point other than the NOVICE CATEGORY....
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