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Best of the year Photographers from now forward?

I’m confused about the thread "How are Badges rank/order determined?" and because the topic been marked ”Answered” I will start a new one. I want to know and understand how the Best photographers of the Year from this year (2018) and forward will be determined (rank or order / badges / accolades). Since 2014 the rank has been determined, as far as I know, as a total of the points of Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Awards. According to my opinion this has been a fair way to get it done. What has been submitted and earned points from, no matter in which month although it would be December is as valid as the points earned in the beginning of the year. The rank/order, badges and the accolades should though be issued the following year preferably latest in February because otherwise the score doesn’t validly show the order correctly. This happens because the best images are dueling more or less as long as they are on the site. And there are always new images submitted that mess with the ”old rank” in the process of determining ”All time best images”. So, how will all of this be done from now forward?
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  • I agree. If yearly scores don't count then you can see the overall rankings after the December's monthly awards.   The badges should follow promptly after that.  However the badges and rankings should follow after the yearly awards are done and waiting everyday to see one category is frankly exhausting and I don't see the need to do it that way.  As they say "Just do it".
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