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A Better Photo Should Have Won this Contest.

Hey all, I seem to have won a sponsored contest with a $200.00 prize that turned out to be a free year of the Pixoto Pro package, (Country Roads)...I love Pixoto, it is the most interesting and fun photo site ever! But I am not interested in a Pro Membership. because this site is delightfully addictive already. I especially enjoy voting on pics from all over this beautiful world. And I have gotten to know some great folks who I never would have known without Pixoto.

My pic that won this contest is nothing special. It was a cloudy midday and has no great light or shadow. Although it shows a spectacular landscape, it's just a pic I shot with a cheap point and shoot that could be duplicated by a child with a disposable camera.

What makes me sad is the incredible pics entered in this contest that did not win. Some of the light captured by these folks is chill bump worthy..My Question for the Staff is: can someone else take the free Pro Membership? I would really like to pick my version of the best Photograph in this contest and give them the prize. Maybe a member of the staff could pick a better photo?

PS...I'm not completely noble because I would like to keep the Judges Award on my Profile.hee hee. Plus I'm not that Internet savy and my Nephew tells me to avoid any "free offer" that requires a credit card number...Happy shutter clicking to all!
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